Secure Participations

Joining Shreek allows you to take part in the organization and to mitigate the losses resulting from devaluation of the currency.

Participation in Shreek in LBP

Olive Oil participation

  • Annual return: 5% gross
  • Type: Special participation linked to the price of olive oil gallon in Lebanon. Possibility to purchase, though Shreek of olive oil gallons. Contractual covenants with olive oil sellers ensure that Shreek partners get a minimal return.
  • Duration: Blocked for a minimum of one year.
  • Minimum participation: 1 million LBP.

Participation in Shreek in USD or EUR

  • Type: Possibility to get, through Shreek, a prepaid international debit card issued by a licensed partner in the UAE.
  • Minimum participation: 500 USD or EUR.

Useful information:

– Only Shreek partners who have paid their annual membership dues (100,000 LBP/year) can enact participations.
– Participations can be paid at our offices, or you can call us for pick-up and delivery for minimal charges. You can track online all your transactions in an easy way.

How to join Shreek