The Lebanese Solidarity Voucher (LSV)

The LSV allows members of Shreek to support each other’s. It is a unique voucher used by members of the organization to get goods and services from other members who are business owners. The LSV ultimately aims to support the local economy and help cooperation and collaboration among citizens.

Benefits for individuals

  • Support independent businesses and small local enterprises in Lebanon especially in times of crisis.
  • Help businesses sustain their activities and keep their employees by strengthening your ties with them.
  • Spend your money more ethically and responsibly.
  • Get exclusive deals from partner businesses.

Benefits for businesses

  • Promote your business among the members of Shreek and improve consumer loyalty.
  • Listing on all Shreek platforms and social media.
  • Discover new partners, suppliers and trusted collaborators from our community of business owners.
  • Access affordable loans by Shreek to sustain your activity.

How does it work for individuals?

First you need to become a Shreek member, as LSV’s are only available for members initially. You can order LSVs online and get them delivered to you anywhere and pay in LBP for the vouchers upon delivery. To use them, just browse the list of businesses across Lebanon that joined Shreek and who accept the voucher.

How does it work for businesses?

You need to sign a partnership agreement with Shreek. You also need to be a local business offering goods or services that are largely produced in Lebanon. Businesses can redeem the vouchers in their LBP value by submitting them to Shreek anytime and receive a cash equivalent.

How much does the LSV cost?

LSVs are purchased internally by Shreek members and delivered anywhere in Lebanon. Vouchers are available in the following values: 5, 10, 25 and 50. You can purchase as many vouchers as you need from any unit. The table below details the price of each voucher (as of October 2020):

LSV voucher
Price of 1 LSV unit
LBP total voucher equivalent
               2,000 LBP
                 10,000 LBP
10 LSV
               2,000 LBP
                 20,000 LBP
25 LSV
               2,000 LBP
                 50,000 LBP
50 LSV
               2,000 LBP
               100,000 LBP

LSV Terms and Conditions

The Lebanese Solidarity Vouchers are to be used solely within the Shreek network of members. The vouchers can be returned or exchanged for cash subject to a fee of 10% of their value. Once issued, Shreek is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged vouchers, or for any liability that may arise from their use. For more information visit