Who we are

Shreek is an innovative Lebanese institution that works to enhance its members’ socio-economic conditions, by providing sustainable alternatives for saving and credit and money management.

Unlike banks, Shreek has a unique approach.  We are a civil company owned and operated by it partners. We are founded on democratic and cooperative principles. Partners have rights to vote and to participate in the governance of the organization. 

Our core values

  • Trust
  • Safety
  • Good Governance
  • Solidarity
  • Proximity
  • Societal Development.


Shreek was founded by a team of professionals and experts in economics, finance, law, and activists in societal development, who all found an urgent need to create alternatives to the current banking and financial systems, based on the cooperative and solidarity principles.

Loulwa Abdel Baki
Loulwa Abdel Baki completed her studies in Psychology at the American University Of Beirut and Fashion Design at the Parsons School Of Design in New York. She opened Kalabsha in Beirut in 1990.
Racha Abu Zaki
Racha Abu Zaki is a Lebanese economic journalist, researcher and specialist trainer in investigative journalism. She is currently the head of the economic supplements at “Al Araby Aljadeed” newspaper.
Rami Boustani
Rami Boustani is a Project Officer at the French Development Agency (AFD). Rami is also a key member of Impact Lebanon and has launched several initiatives including Klna, Ghayir and Citizen’s Club all seeking to nurture a sense of social responsibility and inclusiveness in the Lebanese Society.
Richard Bteich
Richard Bteich is founder and managing partner of “Center for Active Citizenship”- Lebanon, a consultancy firm providing services for International Development Organizations, Public Sector Institutions and local NGOs. He has more than 25 years of experience in the fields of local development management.
Jad Chaaban
Dr. Jad Chaaban is a Lebanese economist and political activist. He is currently an Associate Professor of Economics at the American University of Beirut (AUB). He previously held research and visiting positions at the Toulouse School of Economics, the London School of Economics and the World Bank.
Marwan El Tibi
Marwan El Tibi is a freelance management consultant with entrepreneurial involvement in customer engagement analytics. He cumulates over 17 years of consulting experience ranging from major banking and financial institutions in Europe to public administrations and cooperative ventures in Lebanon and the Middle East. He is also co-founder and assistant general manager of Beirut-today.com.
Rana Gebara
Rana Gebara possesses a versatile experience spanning over 24 years in various fields, mainly in project management for the Fintech field. During her tenure, she gathered a solid knowledge of the project cycle and management, PMO management, capacity building and change management coupled with a substantial knowledge in financial processes. 
Zeinab Hammoud
Zeinab Hammoud is a digital Marketing specialist with an MSc in Consumer Behavior.
Mansour Khalife
Mansour Khalife is a fund manager and seasoned entrepreneur with over 18 years of experience in Fund Management and Corporate Finance.
He is currently the chairman of MNK Partners, and has a proven track record of multi-class investment and European financing (almost € 3bn invested in 11 countries and € 400m debt waived).
Walid Mansour
Since 2005, Walid Mansour has been intimately involved in the transformational entrepreneurial story in the MENA region by participating in the setup, scale up and exit of several VC Funds and Technology companies. Besides his current role as a Managing Partner & CIO of MEVP, he also serves as a board member and advisor to many successful internet and technology companies regionally and globally.
Nizar Rammal
Nizar Rammal is a managing partner at For Development, c.c, a Lebanese civil company that provides consulting, resources production, and training services to the public sector and the local, regional and international nongovernmental and UN agencies organizations. He is an active and a former member of many institutional and non-governmental bodies in Lebanon and the region.